About Moi

This blog was created for the express purpose of assuring that its author was not horribly maimed by a well-meaning paladin. Besides that, it’s probably going to serve as a gigantic, online trash bin for anything and everything that escapes the mind of its not-always-sane author.

In case the title didn’t make this clear yet, I have an inordinate obsession with Berserkers. They can be mythical, historical, or a role-play character; I will still obsess. It’s how I work. Don’t ask why. I’m also a huge fan of big band music, cyberpunk stories/games, Lovecraftian mythos, and Cajun food.

Feel free to leave a comment or start a conversation. I don’t bite, but I might sic an eldritch abomination on you.

You’ve been warned.


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