The Intro Post

Most blogs have at least some kind of introduction to the person behind the random words, so here’s a little rhyme to better know the bizarre creature haunting this corner of the net.

I’m not mad, just crazy–like a fox

I’m inside the grid, but outside the box

I’m a high-tech low-life, plugged-in outlaw

I know the roads; I came and I saw

I’m not a hacker; I’m just a hack

I’ve got a pen in hand and muse in back

I wield my words like a sharpened spear

I’m a little style, wonder, and fear

I’m a voodoo child inside my doll

I’m an unknown haint darkening the hall

I’ll put a spell on you with my tales

I’ll play Anubis with you in my scales

I’m the shadow on the left of the screen

I’m the ghost in the text that’s never seen

I’ll show you haunts where the demon lurks

‘Cause I’m the crazy that writes “Will Work for ‘Serks”


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